Today’s Recommendation:
Buddhist Teachings on Aging,
Sickness, and Death

Older and Wiser:
Classical Buddhist Teachings
on Aging, Sickness, and Death
by Mu Soeng, Gloria Ambrosia,
and Andrew Olendzki

This book is offered as a support for all of us dealing with one very real question: How do we continue seeking and finding happiness, inner tranquility, and wisdom in our elder years? Through both scholarly examination and thoughtful reflection, these selected discourses guide us in how to apply the teachings of the Buddha to our daily life and practice. Embodying the teachings in this way, we find that even in our elder years it is still very much possible to find ease and joy, even while dealing with the inevitabilities of aging, sickness, and death. The three teachers—a Theravada scholar well-versed in the early teachings of Buddhism; a Zen scholar and practitioner from the Korean Zen tradition; and a lay Buddhist minister and Dhamma teacher rooted in the Thai Forest Tradition—offer a range of perspectives speaking to a wide range of interests, points of view, and levels of experience with meditation and Buddhism.

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