Today’s Recommendation:
A Guide to Finding Peace Within
by Ezra Bayda

At Home in the Muddy Water:
A Guide to Finding Peace Within Everyday Chaos
by Ezra Bayda
★★★★ 1/2

May we exist like a lotus,
At home in the muddy water.
Thus we bow to life as it is.

This verse is an important reminder, says Ezra Bayda, of what the spiritual life is truly about: the willingness to open ourselves to whatever life presents—no matter how messy or complicated. And through that willingness to be open, we can discover wisdom, compassion, and the genuine life we all want. In At Home in the Muddy Water, Bayda applies this simple Zen teaching to a range of everyday concerns—including relationships, trust, sexuality, and money—showing that everything we need to practice is right here before us, and that peace and fulfillment is available to everyone, right here, right now, no matter what their circumstances.

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