Today’s Recommendation:
Sitting with Lao-Tzu by Andrew Beaulac

Sitting with Lao-Tzu:
Discovering the Power of the Timeless,
the Silent, and the Invisible in a Clamorous Modern World
by Andrew Beaulac

This book is about a way of return to one’s own true life.

In any society, ancient or modern, which has made busyness a virtue, lost itself in pursuing the accumulation of power, knowledge, and material goods, and finds its only way forward to be into increasing complexity and a one-sided quest for incessant growth, people find their lives displaced, and long for a return to authenticity, freedom, and simplicity. Returning to one’s true life is returning to pure being-ness. This book will introduce anyone newly exposed to Lao Tzu to a wisdom that we already know on at our deepest level, but seem to have forgotten on the turbulent and distracted level of everyday living. Includes a new translation of the Tao Te Ching with attention to the recently discovered Ma-Wang-Dui texts.

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