Daily Insight:
Sharon Salzberg on Best Intentions

“One of my friends who leads meditation retreats honors the Asian habit, as I do, of bowing to the image of the Buddha when he enters the meditation hall at the beginning of sittings. After one sitting, he told me, he received two notes from students who had been in the hall with him. One note said, "I saw you bowing to the Buddha, and I was really offended. It is rank superstition, and it has no place here. You should stop doing it." The other note said, "I saw you bowing to the Buddha, and I want you to know that it was the most moving thing that has ever happened to me here. It made all the difference in my retreat. I am so grateful that you did it."

That is just how it is: we act, hopefully out of the best intentions we can find within us, and at times we receive praise, and at times we receive blame.”

― Sharon Salzberg, Lovingkindness:
The Revolutionary Art of Happiness

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