Words of Wisdom for Sept. 17, 2019:
B. Alan Wallace on Samsara

“Ultimate reality, then, is obscured by the concept of self. It is not the concept alone that is obscuring ultimate reality. Rather it is the reification, the grasping on to the concept, that creates the obscuration. The Tibetan term for reification (dendzin) means grasping on to inherent existence, grasping on to true existence. You decontextualize, you grasp something as existing independently, by its own nature. One example is to believe that there really is an inherently existing person—you or me or anyone—that could be praised or insulted. Moreover, anything believed to exist by itself is a product of reification. This reification is the root of samsara, the cycle of existence.”

― B. Alan Wallace,
Stilling the Mind:
Shamatha Teachings from Dudjom Lingpa's Vajra Essence